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About Steve Edan

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I launched this website on December 26th 2020. It is a work in progress and will be constantly updated. In addition to this website, I have another website that highlights projects that I have worked on.

Here is the link:


As a general contractor I get calls from homeowners that have a leak in their shower or bathroom. Sometimes they are only made aware of the leak from water coming through the ceiling underneath the bathroom. I started this website to help homeowners understand why the leak occurred, but most importantly who are looking a permanent solution.

I have educated myself, by in-class training and online courses, on the best ways to prevent & solve these issues. My experience also helps me in locating and advising on the best ways to remedy the leaks. Over the years, I have fixed many leaks and re-constructed or remodeled many showers and bathrooms. I am always happy to answer a homeowner's questions and to explain the causes and solutions. 

As a homeowner I am aware of the emotions that  homeowners face when confronted with an unexpected repair and the expenses that such a repair can lead to. No one wants to pay for a repair that will not last. There are many stories about unhappy homeowners who paid a lot for work and are not satisfied with the results. It will always be my goal to provide a practical and long lasting solution at a reasonable cost! My customers over the years have kept in contact with me, some as friends, and some for other repairs to their homes. 

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